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Domain Names are the link to your online presence

Your domain name is as unique as your business name, and in most cases would be similar to it.

Most online searches for a business are done by typing the domain name, and Google places a good deal of emphasis on it.

Having your own domain name also means if you change your internet service provider, you don't need to change your email addresses.

Australian domain names also offer owner protection in that to register one, you or your business needs to be associated with the required domain.

We also provide advanced DNS domain name services, in case you are thinking of hosting your own email or web server.

Domain names come with many extensions, and more are being released daily, however for Australian businesses we recommend the following:

If you're targeting a more global market, domains with following extensions should be on your list.

There are many others but the above should cover most scenarios, and start from just $14.95 per year.

If you'd like to search for, or register a domain name, click HERE, or contact us with your required domain names below, and we'll do a search for you.

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